Thursday, August 31, 2017

Comfy Thursday

I like to consider Thursdays the quiet before the storm, meaning the weekend is almost here, some people start their weekends on Thursdays. During the day I like to be very comfy, i'm usually running errands all afternoon on Thursdays. My favorite sneakers to wear is my Nike huaraches, due to the fact they are comfy, stylish, inexpensive, and looks great on my feet. I like to pair my #Nikehuaraches with some ripped jeans or even sweats.

In the picture above you can see how I paired my ripped jeans with my Nikes It was very humid outside, resulting in me not wearing a jacket. I love being incognito with my Katchy Kharisma shades.

I think when you are striving to have a comfy day and relaxed day, you should opt for comfy sneakers. I always find myself wearing some kind of nikes when I jog, run errands, and even for a stylish go to sneaker.

We all need that one particular comfy shoe, why not start with Nike Huaraches right?

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