Hey and welcome to my blog! I am Reyna Rey Style. I am a San Francisco Based Blogger, Fashion Stylist, Fashion Designer, Style Influencer, and YouTuber, with a focus on fashion & beauty for Millennials. I'm sure you can all see that I wear many hats, every last hat being a passion of mine. I look forward to you all taking this fun and stylish journey with me. I will be showing you ways to look expensive and bougie on a budget. I enjoy attending Fashion events, fashion shows, and beauty events. I have also been in the fashion Industry for 10+ years, so yes my feet has been wet several times.
Watch the video down below to get all the scoop on me (Reyna Rey Style)

About Reyna Rey Style Blog
My blog will be about all things fashion and beauty, while offering you tips on how to look expensive, bad, and bougie on a budget. This blog will be helpful for many of you, who wants to know the ins and outs on how to look your absolute best, while staying true to your pocketbook. I receive a lot of compliments on my style, my makeup etc. which lead me to creating this blog for my millennial baes. I know us millennials have it the worse, when wanting to look our absolute best, but most of the time our pocketbooks says other wise, which limits us to being that super stylish chic! I am here to let you know you can be the "stylish chic" in the room, if you are smart about it. 
I hope you enjoy your stay! and I can't wait to interact with you all! cheers to a fun journey! 
Reyna Rey Style

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