Tuesday, September 19, 2017


I know you all are thinking, do I really need to have these sneakers this Fall? well the answer to this question is simple yes!

While we are making our transition from Summer to Fall and from Fall to Winter. I say these are some sneakers that will help you transition seamlessly and stylishly. I love sneakers that are very comfy and durable. For my millennials who are currently in college and need comfy, stylish, yet affordable sneakers no need to worry I have you covered!

Here are a list of some sneakers, that are currently taking over the shoe charts (the shoes are not in any particular order)

1.  Nike Huaraches: The Nike Huaraches are literally my go-to sneakers for comfort. You can jog, Exercise, and even walk a huge college campus in these sneakers. The Nike Huaraches come in various colors, I currently own the black pair.

Shop the look here: http://shopstyle.it/l/hZ5g

2. Adidas Yeezys: These shoes are self explanatory!

3. Vans (Vans Off The Wall): By Far one of my favorite pair of shoes! they are super comfy and we all know I am from the bay area, which is where the popular song "vans" from the The Pack was originated. However, a lot of Millennials love vans including myself. I love Vans because they are inexpensive, they also come in various different colors, so have fun rocking your vans, you are now officially stylish & sporty!

Shop The Black Vans: http://shopstyle.it/l/h0LJ

Shop The Green Vans: http://www.shopstyle.com/collective/Reynareystyle/42946366

Now you all know how to look stylish on a budget, which is the best feeling ever! share with all your friends, college peers, and people you know who are on a budget.

Friday, September 8, 2017


This Fall is all about being in transition, meaning you are still wearing a lot of your go-to-summer pieces paired with heavier items. In California, the weather is always unpredictable, one day it's hot and the next day it's cold. Many of our summer pieces can transition into fall if we style them correctly.

Most of these items are classics and can be worn time and time again. I notice many classic cuts can be work season after season. Most classical styles you wear this fall can be worn again in the fall of 2018, if you buy the right things. My millennials, i'm sure are used to wearing clothes over and over again, because we are on a budget, however you don't have to look like your budget.

I will be listing this fall must have styles, to kick off fall the right way, most of these items are inexpensive, be sure to check them out as we start this transition period. I like to think of new seasons as new beginnings!

1. Graphic muscle tees

There's nothing better then spending fall nights outside, or attending last minute festivals or concerts while wearing muscle tees. Why not have a bold piece of text or a huge brand logo on your tee. Fall is the last season of the year that allows you to wear muscle tees. When winter arrives you can tuck away the muscle tees, but for now enjoy them!

Shop the look here: http://shopstyle.it/l/g4NL

2. Patent Skirt

The patent style is super stylish this year, making it our number two look that you must have in your closet this fall, anything patent leather this fall works. I literally love this look, makes me reminisce on the 90's and early 00's

Shop this look here: http://shopstyle.it/l/g4jU

3. College Pullover Sweater

Hey Millennials this is for you, the time for you to rep your college! with school and classes being back in session, there's nothing better than school spirit. I like to think of Fall as a transition period, and since we are still transitioning I think a pullover is perfect for those chilly days or even the days that are not chilly. Get in school spirit this year!

Shop the look here: http://shopstyle.it/l/g4jK

4. Boyfriend Jeans

Every lady needs at least one pair of boyfriend jeans in her closet this fall. The perfect denim jeans for the days when you want to be effortlessly stylish. 

Shop the look here: http://shopstyle.it/l/g4jS

5. Knit Sweater

The knit sweater is by far a must have, this is a sweater you can wear all fall long. You can always wear this sweater come winter! So shop wisely and stay true to your budget my millennial baes, even though you are on a budget, we still have to build your wardrobe, so why not start with your fall pieces. All of the above, styles are all cost effective.

Shop this look: http://shopstyle.it/l/g4jQ


Thursday, September 7, 2017


Hey my loves!

The giveaway is finally here, it has been a long anticipated giveaway, needless to say I am happy the time has arrived!

I wanted to host my giveaway at this particular moment, to show my supporters, family, reystylers, and katchy baes that I truly appreciate you all. I think giveaways are the perfect ways to let you know how much you are appreciated!

Okay, on to the information we all been waiting for:


STEP #1:  Send an email to reynareystyle@gmail.com about what you like about my clothing line Katchy Kharisma (https://www.katchykharisma.com/)

STEP #2: Follow @reynareystyle on Instagram & YouTube (you must be subscribed to my YouTube channel in order to enter)

STEP #3: Follow @katchy_kharisma on Instagram

STEP #4: Comment on my latest post & hashtag #reystylers and #katchybaes

STEP#5: Repost my latest picture on your Instagram Page & TAG ME! (caption on picture has to say "reynareystyle.com blog is now live baby!" also tell your followers to sign up to my newsletter on the blog!


Saturday, September 2, 2017

Thursday, August 31, 2017


Follow my blog with Bloglovin     AUGUST BEAUTY FAVES

My beauty faves for this month, are a few new products I tried out this month. I love trying new beauty products to see how the products work on me. I know majority of us millennials watch YouTube to watch our favorite beauty guru review new products. Well, I decided to try some new products, and I must say i'm in love!

1. Spectrum Collections Brushes:
I love these Spectrum Kabuki brushes they are super soft on my face. The Spectrum brushes are perfect for distributing blushes, bronzers, and even highlights on your face!

2. L'Oréal Matte-Caron Pink lipstick:

I have been currently loving this pink lipstick, pink is one of my favorite lipstick choices. Pinks can be very subtle, but often times paired with winged eyeliner, and your look is complete! 



                                           Thursday's Style

Today's outfit of the day is my oversized panda t-shirt dress. I am absolutely in love with this t-shirt dress due to the color being olive green. I paired my pink aviator frames with this look, to give a pop of pink to contrast with the olive green. I tend to be risky with my wardrobe, I love to mix different types of green. This t-shirt dress is on my clothing line website Katchy Kharisma, did I forget to mention this dress is inexpensive?

No need to worry, I got my millennial baes covered, I'm helping you all get my style on a budget, as I mentioned in a few of my other posts, having a stylish wardrobe on a budget is not complicated if you're smart!


Top: Katchy Kharisma

Sunglasses: Katchy Kharisma

Boots: (coming soon)


Comfy Thursday

I like to consider Thursdays the quiet before the storm, meaning the weekend is almost here, some people start their weekends on Thursdays. During the day I like to be very comfy, i'm usually running errands all afternoon on Thursdays. My favorite sneakers to wear is my Nike huaraches, due to the fact they are comfy, stylish, inexpensive, and looks great on my feet. I like to pair my #Nikehuaraches with some ripped jeans or even sweats.

In the picture above you can see how I paired my ripped jeans with my Nikes It was very humid outside, resulting in me not wearing a jacket. I love being incognito with my Katchy Kharisma shades.

I think when you are striving to have a comfy day and relaxed day, you should opt for comfy sneakers. I always find myself wearing some kind of nikes when I jog, run errands, and even for a stylish go to sneaker.

We all need that one particular comfy shoe, why not start with Nike Huaraches right?

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Hey and welcome to my blog! I am Reyna Rey Style. I am a San Francisco Based Blogger, Fashion Stylist, Fashion Designer, Style Influencer, and YouTuber, with a focus on fashion & beauty for Millennials. I'm sure you can all see that I wear many hats, every last hat being a passion of mine. I look forward to you all taking this fun and stylish journey with me. I will be showing you ways to look expensive and bougie on a budget. I enjoy attending Fashion events, fashion shows, and beauty events. I have also been in the fashion Industry for 10+ years, so yes my feet has been wet several times.
Watch the video down below to get all the scoop on me (Reyna Rey Style)


About Reyna Rey Style Blog
My blog will be about all things fashion and beauty, while offering you tips on how to look expensive, bad, and bougie on a budget. This blog will be helpful for many of you, who wants to know the ins and outs on how to look your absolute best, while staying true to your pocketbook. I receive a lot of compliments on my style, my makeup etc. which lead me to creating this blog for my millennial baes. I know us millennials have it the worse, when wanting to look our absolute best, but most of the time our pocketbooks says other wise, which limits us to being that super stylish chic! I am here to let you know you can be the "stylish chic" in the room, if you are smart about it. 
I hope you enjoy your stay! and I can't wait to interact with you all! cheers to a fun journey! 
Reyna Rey Style

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Posh Candle Co. is a candle company based in Los Angeles, California. All of their candles are soy based, this company candles are all hand-poured which is awesome to know, Posh Candle Co. takes pride in their uniquely different ingredients. I love how this company has decided to put catchy phrases on their candle jars, for example: "Boss Girl Magic," "Bad and Bougie," and "Dear Book Hoarder." 
Posh Candle Co. has reached out to me, I was allowed to pick a lovely candle from their website http://www.poshcandleco.com I was super excited, I chose the "Bad and Bougie" candle which smells lovely. Their candles are Soy Wax, has lead-free cotton wick, Phatlate free fragrance, and dye.
The bad and bougie candle is for the lady whose lifestyle consist of having great taste and love being around friends, also for the woman who tends to feel bougie at times. I tend to feel bougie sometimes which is why I distinctly chose this candle!
Overall I love Posh Candles and it has my stamp of approval, I now know exactly where to get my candles from! I also really love the packaging the candle comes in, very professional and pretty! 
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