Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Happy New Year to all of you! I know its been awhile since I've blogged, but 2018 was a happy and exhausting year, which caused me to stay away from my blog longer than I wanted to. I want us all to have a good, prosperous, and happy new year! I decided to film a video on how to slay the new year.

Before, you all dive into the video, I wanted to add a few bonus tips that I didn't mention in the video!

Bonus Tip #1: Have a "Game Night" with your friends, to bring all of the people you care about into one room, and make it full with entertainment. For New Years, I had a mini game night/get-together at my house with some of my closest friends. This event literally gave my new year a great start, ringing it in with the people that matter the most to me. I felt good not going to the club this new year, I decided to opt for a more intimate vibe with my friends. However, you can have a game night/ get-together anytime of the year. When you have had a long tiring week, and you want to find a way to add socialization back into your life without having to be around a bunch of strangers, invite your close friend and family over for a night of fun! (Thank me later)

Bonus Tip #2: Date Night Or Pamper Night with Bae. If you don't have a bae don't feel bad, you can still pamper yourself and head out to the spa, the New Year is about making yourself feel good with no complaints. The way you start your year is usually the way you will end your year. However, if you do have a bae, you and bae should head out to a spa for the day, and pamper yourselves. Remember to turn off your phone, to be able to enjoy the full spa experience, and use the intimate time together to truly enjoy each others company. For my single baes, you will find your love this year!

Bonus Tip #3: Say "Yes" to the outfit! This is the year to treat yourself. If all your bills are paid, and you completed all your adulting tasks and responsibilities, treat yourself. In order, to slay the New Year, we have to slay in the hottest outfits, definitely slay and walk with confidence in your stylish outfit. I think you should opt for a bright color, or a color you wouldn't normally wear, to try out something new and vibrant! (Thank me later)

I hope you all can now have fun slaying the New Year with these tips! Now check out my video below:


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